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Birthdate:Aug 7

Played by: Jen [ profile] nalina

Character Name: Etna
Series: Disgaea (Taken specifically from Disgaea 2)
Gender: Female
Age: 1473
Species: Demon


Standing only about 4'10, Etna is not very tall, though makes up for it a little with a pair of tall, high-heeled boots. Thin and lithe, with very little in the way of chest or hips, one would likely think they were dealing with a child at first glance. Hopefully, however, one might notice the pair of bat-like wings protruding from her back or the long devil tail coming out from beneath her extremely short skirt. She also has pointed ears, fangs in her mouth and a pair of very demonic red eyes.

If that didn't make someone question whether she was a child or not, her choice of clothing or there-lack-of really should. All that covers her chest is, essentially, a black leather, strapless bikini top. Her skirt is slitted on both sides, held barely in place by a white belt with a pair of prinny-shaped pouches attached. Her boots are thigh high and she wears a pair of black gloves, held high on each of her arms by a belt.

Her cerise coloured hair is drawn up into two spiky pigtails either side of her head, bangs hanging down over her forehead. Her look is completed with a thick ringed leather collar, her trademark skull earrings, and a pair of thick bracelets around each wrist and ankle.


Etna does a pretty good job of living up to what many demons from the Netherworld would consider to be a model demon-she's selfish, ambitious, clever, devious and can at times be rather cruel. It can be hard to tell though when she's flashing a sickeningly sweet smile in one's direction. And don't let her child-like looks fool you, she's a tough girl, who's more than happy to play rough when she needs to. She's a master of manipulation, knowing how to butter up the Overlord she serves, or take advantage of her best friend's gullibility. She's extremely opportunistic, always ready to take advantage of a situation if it'll suit her needs.

She's something even of a real life troll, especially towards Laharl. She isn't afraid to push someone's buttons to laugh at their reactions, although she knows better to touch an actual touchy subject. (Such as Laharl's mom would be a no-no.) You'll hear a lot of deadpan snarking also out of her and is by far no stranger to sarcasm.

Proud, determined and very confident, when she puts her mind to something she's a force to be reckoned with! She has more than a few levels in badass. HOWEVER, so many things that need putting her mind to tend to involve *effort*. One of her largest downfalls, is her sheer amounts of laziness. She tends to lack the motivation to match her ambition. Any work given to her is often shunted down to her prinny vassals while she goes and takes a nap. She tries to be pretty carefree and actually is pretty laid back about a lot of things as long as they aren't directly concerning her. If a situation gets serious, however, Etna is someone you could count on to watch your back.

Etna's extremely stubborn and has an explosively foul temper with a fairly short fuse. It doesn't take a lot to piss her off if you know how to push her buttons; pointing out how flat chested she is being probably the quickest way to get on her bad side. She's very sensitive about her looks, in fact, to the point of being pretty vain, believing herself to be very beautiful and sexy. It's dangerous to one's health to try to tell her otherwise.

Like many demons, what you see on the outside doesn't always reflect what's on the inside. She isn't as heartless as she tries to seem. There's a bit of a heart of gold hidden deep inside her. She is able to empathize with other's troubles, to some extent and will even try to cheer them up or help them in her own way. She just doesn't like to show emotions; to her it's a sign of weakness, so she tries to keep them well buried inside her. There's a lot of emotions she also doesn't fully understand, like love and the like, but she certainly has the ability to feel them, even if she doesn't recognize them for what they are. To those she comes to consider friends, she's even more caring and loyal towards them than she'll ever admit to. Her greatest loyalty, however, will always lie with the king she first served, King Krichesvkoy, who she had childhood crush type feelings for.

Much like practically all the other demons in the series, she has a tendency for tsundere behaviour, though not quite as severely as some of them. She'll help someone out under false pretenses and toss out threats that she'll rarely actually carries out. She has a tendency to show how much she cares for someone by how much she teases them. She also has a very large soft spot for children. Having had a rough childhood, she would stand up for a troubled child in a heartbeat and take one under her wing with very little hesitation.

Etna actually has quite the imagination and is rather creative, buuut can get a little carried away by it sometimes. Though not nearly the otaku Flonne is, she still has a fondness for manga, anime, movies and video games. She's pretty genre savvy. She also has one heck of a sweet tooth, being extremely possessive of her favourite desserts.

Etna has a kind of sibling relationship with Laharl, King Krichesvkoy's son. While often they get along pretty well, when they clash, they clash hard. As both have extremely short tempers and not so different personalities, their arguments are usually intense, causing them both to say things to each other they don't always mean. Despite the fighting, teasing, and even her openly claiming to be always plotting against him, deep down, she really does seem to have actually come to care about him, beyond just her promise she made to his father to protect him. She really does want him to become a great Overlord like his father was. She just also wants to kill him for eating her pudding.

As for her other friend, Flonne, she actually does enjoy the angel's company a great deal, although finds her air-headedness exasperating sometimes. She isn't above taking advantage, however, of Flonne's gullibility, BUT wouldn't let someone else pull anything on her, well, unless it was harmless. She genuinely does care about Flonne's feelings. While she’d say Flonne’s rubbed off on Laharl, she probably doesn’t fully realize that Flonne has had an impact on her as well. By the end of the game Etna has certainly softened up--well, a little.


Though classed as a Demon Lord (or Beauty Queen as her hacked status screen would tell you) Etna does actually have the potential to be an Overlord herself, if not for her deciding to continue serve Laharl. While she doesn't have quite the raw, brute power Laharl possess, she's still quite powerful in her own right... or at least would have been if she hadn't lost much of her power due to a botched summoning.

It was her own fault she was summoned and lowered to a miserable level 1. She's recovered a good deal of her levels since then, but still isn't fully back to her former lvl1000 glory.

Etna has three special attacks all her own, though one requires prinnies... something she is lacking, thus only able to make use of two:

Sexy Beam - She sexily poses high above as she fires lasery attack beams down at her victims below in a heart shaped pattern. Ouch.
Chaos Impact - Her biggest attack, involving many orbs of darkness which surrounds her victim which she builds up and fires a giant ball of exploding owie at them.

Etna's weapon of choice is a spear, and has several special attacks she can perform with one. She's also pretty handy with an axe. She keeps a stash of throwing knives handy and while she doesn't excel at it, she's still good enough with a gun to keep one on her. She also is capable of using a little low level magic in a pinch, but isn't something she generally thinks of using. Like most demons, she's very resilient, able to take heavy hits and stand up afterwards. She's pretty quick on her feet and is fairly athletic. She also isn't afraid to fight dirty if it comes down to it; kicking a guy where it hurts is fair game.

Generally, however, she is reliant on her weapons. She isn't a hand to hand kinda girl. She kicks more than she throws punches. Not that she couldn't give someone a good bruiser, but it's just not her style. And while physically strong, she's definitely not on Laharl's level there either.

Etna's also a talented liar and is extremely good at manipulation. Need some blackmail material? She'll get it, no problem. Spying? She's your demon. Stealing? Of course! If it's underhanded, she's got experience at it. She's also a pretty talented actress, unfortunately using her ability for evil more than good.

She is fairly capable with technology and loves beating Laharl's high scores in video games. She's also practically a pro at being lazy--totally a skill. And, like almost all Disgaea characters, she has a knack for poking the 4th wall. Not breaking non-NIS character's 4th walls, mind, only their own. They do it so casually that it generally only leaves others confused. It's an art. ♥


All Disgaea characters seem to have ye-ol dimensional pocket/inventory, able to whip out a weapon from seemingly out of nowhere (or Laharl's scarf in his case.) She also does have to prinny shaped pouches hanging off her belt for storage, which certainly could also be where her dimension pocket lies. Given the situation she was currently in, she'd definitely even nap with her weapons on her.

Elder Spear - A large, twisted looking spear that's her trademark weapon.
Pistol - While her skill with gun is pretty low (in that, she can't do advanced skills with one), she likes to keep one on her. Never know when you might need to shoot a Prism Ranger in the knee or something.
Box of pocky - In case she woke up hungry. Duh.
A couple kunai-esq knives - For stabbitying.
Probably a fairly large amount of HL - Netherworld money


Etna was only a frightened little girl when she first started working in the Overlord's Castle as a servant. The nobility, however, teased and picked on for being a commoner. Her only comfort was her pet dog. One day, however, she found it dead; it had gotten into a food storage and thus had been killed. Ready to give up on life, it was then that King Krichevskoy, the Overlord of the Netherworld, reached out to her. While she thought him very strange at first, Etna quickly came to respect and admire him, having never experienced someone caring about her. She soon pledged her deepest loyalty to the King.

Then the King met a human woman, a witch, who had come to the Netherworld to train, quickly falling in love her. Etna's heart ached as she felt the King was going somewhere out of her reach. Hatred for the Queen started to develop as she felt that her loyalty and feelings for King were being ignored. Then they were married and Prince Laharl was born. Etna was torn. He was the son of the woman she was beginning to hate, yet also the son of the man she respected so much. Before she could deal with her feeling, the queen sacrificed herself to save Laharl, who had developed an incurable disease.

Continuing to serve the King as the years passed, one day the King called her to speak to him. He told her how he was growing old and that he worried he'd be defeated by another demon. He asked her for a promise, between the two of them, that she would protect Laharl and help him to become a great Overlord. Of course, she agreed, though didn't believe he could be defeated.

Then, one fateful day, King Krichevskoy went to stop an invasion from an alternate Netherworld and sealed the Overlord, Baal. He returned, his power drained away and dying. Etna was ready to sacrifice herself for him, as the Queen had for Laharl, but he would not allow her and told her to live and asked her again to raise his son to be the next Overlord.

Unfortunately, not long after, a demon called Maderas who had once been one of the King's servants stole Etna's memories, and made a deal with her. If she killed the Prince, he would return her memories to her. Feeling like she had no choice, she attempted to poison the Prince. Despite her missing memories, her loyalty and promise to the King never quite left her as she found she could not go through with killing Laharl. Instead she hatched a plan to use Laharl to win back her memories.

Her plan gets a little sidetracked, however when a angel trainee, by the name of Flonne is found in the castle. Apparently she had been sent to the Netherworld to assassinate the Overlord. There’s a little problem with that though, given Laharl’s father was already dead. Flonne ends up staying with them.

Eventually Etna’s scheme to get back her memories is successful, but with her restored memories came a good deal of guilt that she had broken her promise to the King as well as guilty for using Laharl as she had. Ready to face the consequences for her traitorous acts, she was more than a little surprised when Laharl forgave her (more or less) and made her his right-hand vassal.

Ever since she continued to serve Laharl loyally (well, sort of), helping him become Overlord, defeat a human invasion and followed him even to Celestia, when Flonne decided she needed to go back and find out what role the angels had played in the human invasion. (It turned out the Arch Angel, Vulcanus was behind it. He was punished by the Seraph, the ruler of Celestia. To get into Celestia, however, they had to fight angels, and injuring another angel is a sin, so Flonne herself was also punished. Luckily it turned out that punishment was for her to be turned into a fallen angel, so Laharl, Etna and Flonne all returned together to the Netherworld.)

Life then returned to normal... as normal as life in the Netherworld ever is. Such as how Etna trapped Laharl in a special bottle and sent him to Ivoire, and shortly (no way they could’ve stuck around for more than a month I'm sure XD) served Zetta as his vassals... sort of.

Then, one day, Etna managed to get her hands on a rare, Sea of Gehenna, limited edition pudding. Not wanting Laharl to find and take her pudding, Etna hid it where she thought no one would find it: the back of the fridge, behind the baking soda. Because who seriously looks there? Unfortunately, she underestimated the Prince. Laharl found it and ate it, thus ensuring a huge argument between the two, which escalated to the point of Etna quitting.

Deciding she wanted to teach Laharl a lesson, she set out on a quest to become an Overlord herself, so she could rub her title in his face and knock him down a peg or two. Unable to simply get the title Overlord, she had to settle for Demon Lord (though then hacked it to say "Beauty Queen" instead.) Learning that the "God of all Overlords", Zenon, resided in the human-turned-netherworld, Veldime, she decided to defeat to defeat him and in doing so, claim his Overlord title for herself.

Her first plan was to use Zenon's daughter, Rozalin, to get to the Overlord, but her plan was made difficult because of the only human left on the cursed world, Adell and his family. On a quest to defeat Zenon to restore all the humans who'd turned into demons from the curse, his mother, a summoner, attempted to summon Overlord Zenon. However, for some reason accidentally managed to summon his daughter, Rozalin, instead. Making a promise to protect her and help her get back to her father, Adell set out with Rozalin to try to find Zenon. That's when Etna found them.

Attempting to be intimidating and badass, she plans to take Rozalin to force her to take her to Zenon, but there's a little problem: Rozalin has no idea where her father is. She's never even met him in person. WELL THEN.

That plan a bust, Zenon kindly provides her with a new strategy. Zenon, attempting to set a trap for Etna as he heard she was looking for him, hosts a tournament in Veldime's coliseum. Etna, totally on purpose walking into a trap, attempts to win the tournament, but Adell and his group manage to win instead. Much to her annoyance, she ends up having a big damn hero moment (much to her annoyment) when Adell's team get themselves in trouble. Telling them to get outta there, Etna defeats Zenon no problem.

...Except there's a new baffling problem: Etna's title doesn't change. Confused, they decide it must have been a fake Zenon, and set out to try summoning him again, assuming him to be the strongest demon in Veldime, they decide to try to summon "The Strongest Demon" this time. However, they need a demon lord's nail to do it. They track Etna down and ask her for a nail clipping for the ritual, though she doesn't realize what exactly they need it for. Completely clueless, she decides to cheat them and gives her a clipping from a fake nail set.

A few hours later, Etna found herself summoned (which did curiously prove that she was the most powerful demon in Veldime) and her levels taken down to a miserable level 1. Not about to admit it was her own fault, she declares she's sticking with them till she gets her levels back.

The search for Overlord Zenon continues till finally they find out the location of his castle. At this point, Etna pretty much dropped much of her bad-ass Demon Lord act and found herself starting to question her reasons for being there. Returning home to Laharl and Flonne has starting to enter her mind as they prepare to head to the castle.
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